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RIMOWA Exhibition

Design and Production

The legend has arrived! A model of the JUNKERS F13 by RIMOWA in the scale of 1:2.6 has been displayed in Macau, and has now arrived in Hong Kong. Historical museum cases and the innovative technology – RIMOWA Electronic Tag can also be found in this exhibition.

Venetian Macau, Harbor City Hong Kong

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Music is the ultimate accessory

ICONIC H and a local special hot dog shop.

Mister S Creation take responsible to handle all marketing materials including identity, characters, menu and social media design and production.

ICONIC H become more popular and  have 3 shops in Hong Kong now.

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UI & UX Design, Web and App Development

BEINVITED is a centralised marketing tool connecting all parties together, from target audience, celebrities, media to event organisers.

BEINVITED is an all-in-one solution to simplify your complicated event management and marketing needs.

Asia Best App Award 2013/14, Advertising and Marketing Category — Certificate of Merits

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